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More On Rap Lyrics

5 Apr

I like this one. Lil’ Wayne, if you read this blog, first off, why the hell do you read this blog? But secondly in the words of my brother, “you’re welcome.”

I just made up an awesome rap lyric. “My penis is a zombie, he loves gettin’ brains!” Sometimes I wish I was black.”

"What's your number, girl?"




The Comeback Kid

8 Jan

His email was weird, so I went one step further and got on Photoshop. Behold:

“I kept hearing about the homeless man with the golden voice and all the great stuff happening for him, so I decided to have a look for myself. Needless to say, I was shocked to see how all people were talking about was how cool his voice was or how neat it was that he was going to turn his life around, but NO ONE was mentioning how he is so obviously the zombie corpse of the Splendid Splinter Ted Williams himself, clearly spurned from the after-realm to roam the Earth for eternity, confused and tired!!!! How in the fuck has everyone missed this? Classic liberal media.”

A big thanks to my friend Stephen for the Photoshop help. We're going to Hell for this.


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