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Amazing Voicemail

10 Sep

I’ve been trying all morning to figure out how to post this and I’ve finally got it. He left me this voicemail at 3AM his time last night. He’s always loved doing the SportsCenter guy’s voice…


Make Sure You’re Doing This

10 Aug

or else you’ll never be happy like this man:

“Hey dude. This guy makes some really good points. Maybe give it a couple listens because there’s a lot to absorb.”

Here’s the video he attached. Try not to kill yourself:

Before You Take That Drink…

30 Mar

tonight, watch this video:

“Dude have you seen this shit? It’s an old family of wizards from the 1980’s that used to go around to AA meetings to cheer people up. Try singing this song to yourself when you’re at the bar as a reminder so you never have an uncomfortable wakeup in Lake Michelob.”

New Video!!!

19 Mar

On last Saturday night in Vegas with my brother and his friends, some very crazy shit occurred. Most notably, an argument between my brother and a hooker he’d hired for his friend. I’ve been working on this on and off since I got back, using my drunken memory of the moment and texts from my brother for his recollection of how it went down, and here it is…


27 Dec

I say it all the time, but God Bless the Internet. Just watched an amazing interaction between my brother and my Dad, and thanks to the fact that my laptop was on my lap killing my future kids and XTRANORMAL is about the easiest site to navigate on Earth, I give you this… NOTE: This did not occur in black and white, nor did someone play a guitar at the end. Enjoy.


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