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His Very Own NFL Mock Draft

27 Apr
When he was a teenager he used to type up every NFL team’s roster on a typewriter. No joke. I remember I was looking at them one time (because I thought everything he did was cool, even gay stuff) and he freaked out and beat the hell out of me. I was five. Anyway, I was wondering where he was all day today, and it turns out he was wasting his work day making his Annual NFL Mock Draft. Enjoy by clicking below…

"With the first pick in the 2011 NFL Draft-- Hey is someone huffing paint in here?"


Not Nice To Meet You

22 Mar

This has been one of his sayings for a long time that he constantly reminds me:

“Never let “He’s nice!” be the main thing people say about you. Being nice is fucking easy. Anyone can do it. Have you ever met a mean retard? Didn’t think so. Be anything. Just don’t be “nice.””

There was a kid at my high school in a motorized wheelchair that was kind of a dick, but I get his point.

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