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He’s An Asshole

23 Mar

He sent me the below two pics as a part of his “favorite LA game” so do yourself a favor and see if you can guess correctly. Don’t scroll down right away…

“Wanna play my favorite LA game? It’s called “Hot Hipster Chick OR Old Dead Woman????” Let’s see what you got. So which is it????”

Then he sent this picture:

"Hot Hipster Chick OR Old Dead Woman?"



I guessed “Hot Hipster Chick” judging by the tight pants and crossed arms which I figured was due to her bad attitude. Here’s the answer…


When he sent me this he also wrote:

“She was walking around yelling “Bitch! Bitch!” Good luck getting to sleep tonight idiot!”



20 Mar

He makes a good point here:

“Someone just cited some bullshit poll to prove a point to me. “You know, 75% of Americans bla bla bla I’m gay” or something like that. So I got to thinking. I’ve never been polled for anything. Sure one time during pledging I got “poled” but that’s a story for another time. Another sad, sad time. Have you ever been called up or stopped at a mall and polled? Fuck no. Because if they did you’d hang up on them or pretend you’re deaf and walk away. Which brings me to my conclusion– All poll results are complete bullshit, because only a fucking douchebag would agree to be polled in the first place. You’re welcome.”

I wonder what he would think of the polls on this site. You guys aren’t douchebags (as far as I know) and you like to vote in them. Maybe most polls in life just have lame topics.

I'm confused. Is "Stinky Leftovers" a person? Because I would DEFINITELY not want to sit next to him or her.

You Be The Judge

23 Aug
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