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Special Delivery

13 Dec

What a nice (???) package to get on my way home from failing a couple of tests.

The box smelled weird. Kinda like old milk.

And the jacket itself is filthy.

But it's kind of awesome too.

It says “Chongo” in cursive if you can’t see it.


The Wig Worked!

14 Nov

I hate to say it but he was right. I wore that shit to a party (everyone loved it for some reason- “Hey cool wig dude!” all night long… weird) and ended up at some townie’s house having sex on a dismantled baby crib! Where was the baby? God only knows, and I don’t want to…

Waiting for Me

12 Nov

When I got to the student center today there was a package for me. A FedEx package from my brother with a wig in it, to be exact. And a note.

What now?

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