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Mock Draft Addendum

28 Apr

This is pretty great:

“Just like I said. Re-read my Mock Draft. Titans beefed up security, bitches!

Mel Kiper my ass.”

It’s pretty uncanny that this came out one day after his ramblings that At eight, the Titans choose an ex-Mossad security expert, citing “the extreme amount of players with dreadlocks on our team” as reason enough to hire extra security.”” Just like he predicted the problems with the iPhone mysteriously taking pictures of people when he invented BlirBlop or whatever it was called. 


His Very Own NFL Mock Draft

27 Apr
When he was a teenager he used to type up every NFL team’s roster on a typewriter. No joke. I remember I was looking at them one time (because I thought everything he did was cool, even gay stuff) and he freaked out and beat the hell out of me. I was five. Anyway, I was wondering where he was all day today, and it turns out he was wasting his work day making his Annual NFL Mock Draft. Enjoy by clicking below…

"With the first pick in the 2011 NFL Draft-- Hey is someone huffing paint in here?"

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