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The Great Prognosticator

4 Jan

He sent this list of his “Top Ten Predictions for 2012” so I added some pictures to it. I’m really bored. Click on this little guy for fun:

2012 top ten


Fuckin’ Philosophical And Shit

23 Nov

I think that explains it…

“Was just walking down the street towards two pretty girls when a leaf fell from a tree and cascaded down between us. I caught it at about waist-level and gave them a smile. They both giggled flirtatiously as they passed. Did I get either of their phone numbers? Fuck no! But I did jerk off to thoughts of them as soon as I got home. Man I’m feeling existential today!”

That’s not what my understanding of Existentialism is but whatever…

What Earthquake?

1 Sep

He’s an idiot…

Apparently we just had an earthquake out here but I didn’t notice cuz I ALWAYS BE SHAKIN SON! WHAT WHAT!!!!”

“Picture Of My Dick”

27 Jan

That was the title of the email he sent me with an attachment… that I would have been very afraid to open had the body of the email not said:

“Just kidding! Nature is awesome!”

What a prankster…

I like that it's a wallpaper from some shitty website.

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