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On Asian Women

12 May

who hang out in libraries…

“Was just thinking that since you’re going to be trolling for puss in the library, you should be on the lookout for Asian chicks, since they will be there in spades. Asian girls are mysterious, confusing, and a little bit freaky too. They have this cute little giggle and they like white guys because a lot of Asian fellers have small pee-pees. And also they’re loud as hell for some reason, so remember that for any public Asian fucking you might undertake. There are so many different types of Asian girls it’s almost impossible to put them all in one category. Shit, the other day someone told me that Indian girls are in fact, Asian girls… who knew?!

On the topic of Indian girls (dots not feathers- I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE SAY THAT!!!), who will also be in the library en masse (that means a lot you faggot!!!!), there’s only one thing you need to know:  Indian girls are freaks! They will let you do crazy stuff. Fuck that, they will let you do INTERNET STUFF! And they also  love white guys, so you’re in luck. The reason they’re freaks is that they’re all well aware of the fact that they have to marry some dude that their Uncle met at the spice market last weekend because he owes some other dude nine chickens, so they take their anger out on your white cock in the meantime. They like it from every angle- so let ‘em have it! I once throat-fucked and Indian girl on a balcony in Manhattan at 5AM. My friend came out because the “sounds of a cat dying” woke him up, and he reported the next day to be “beyond frightened” by what he saw. But the Indian girl treated it like just another Wednesday night… Talk about spicy curry! Oh man I have like a hundred of these jokes. 

So be on the lookout, and stay vigilant. Library pussy is in your future, I can taste it! Tastes like batteries.”


"Quick! Fuck me before I have to move to Kashmir and marry a stranger!"

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