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He’s An Entrepreneur

9 Nov

A genius, a visionary, etc…

“New hotel idea– Three Seasons. Slightly cheaper than Four Seasons. Boom! I’ll get the paperwork started.”

Watch your back, fancy place.



Trust Issues

7 Apr

He’s got ’em…

“It’s important to build trust with the people around you. Then you can smash that trust like so many hotel mirrors.”

Again with the hotel destruction.

When The Circus Comes To Town

18 Jan

Sounds like he’s having a lot of fun down there. And his kind of fun, which is a special breed of fun that most people consider dangerous and frightening. Sent the following picture email:

“Yep, it’s what you think- I drank this Pilsen Rock Circus beer and then trashed my hotel room. Guess who was pissed about it? Everyone.”

He once vowed to "drink all the beers in the World"


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