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Happy Easter

24 Apr

To one and all…

Being hungover in church on Easter Sunday gives God and the Devil the perfect forum to duke it out in my soul. It’s important to remember that how shitty you feel in a place of God is a great way to determine how awesome you’ve been in the day-to-day. Do you feel like absolute shit when the Preacher starts going on and on about right and wrong? Congrats, you’re having a good time in college.  All that being said, get your ass into a church today. Besides being loaded with awesome snacks, they’re a great place to pick up chicks too. Hang out by the holy water and say stuff like “Dasani’s got nothing on this jazz, am I right?!” Do they still even make Dasani? Fuck I’m an old loser. Happy Easter, faggot.”

Surprisingly that’s the first mention of Church and God on this site if I’m not mistaken. 

OMG so fucking cute LOLz


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