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28 Feb

New text to keep in mind:

“Last day of Feb- try to high five all the black students and say “Sorry so short! Next year is a leap year dude!” since the month is super short and all.” 

I’ll be sure to do this today. Check back with me tomorrow where I’ll be posting from the hospital. 


Black History Month

31 Jan

In case people forgot there was something to celebrate tomorrow:

“Just wanted to remind you that tomorrow marks the beginning of Black History Month, which as no one ever seems to want to point out, just so happens to be THE SHORTEST MONTH IN THE GOD DAMNED YEAR, even in a fucking leap year. Do them a service since they’re always getting screwed even when they’re being “honored,” and when you see a black guy or gal on campus this coming month, say “Hey man!” and slap them five. It’s the least you could do. Literally.”

He and black people have a really beautiful on again, off again relationship.

"Hey man!"


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