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Don’t Start A Situation

24 Jan

I totally agree with this and support it:

“It’s time to add Jersey Shore to the Fistfight List. If you tell me you don’t like the show (and I’m drunk enough) I’m gonna try to fight you. It might start slow as I call your girlfriend annoying and knock your drink over, or it might explode like a Rottweiler who just ate some gunpowder when I headbutt your  cousin Dave and ruin the barbecue. Who knows. You should have a Fistfight List too. Put all the bands you like on it, and some TV shows and whatnot, and then just wait for someone to mouth off.”

I don’t have a Fistfight List, but I’ll get one started. And by the way, he’s fairly serious about this. When I was 11 he broke  a neighborhood kid’s glasses because he said he didn’t like a Trick Daddy song.

It was a really good song if I recall correctly.


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