He’s Writing A Book

28 Jun

Or so he says. The title and the cover look promising… He sent this last night:

“The following is an excerpt from my new book “Hey Idiot… You’re Getting Played!” It’s a guide for women but since they’re not allowed to read, hopefully their fathers or brothers will relay the info to them–

“I’ve got a friend named Bob. He’s always so excited to see me, but the problem is, we don’t see each other enough! He’s so busy, and his life is so complicated (with work and a complex emotional past, both of which he has laid out for me in great detail) that he usually only calls me or texts me late at night. If I’m still awake and not busy hanging with other friends, I always accept! Sometimes even when I’m with my other friends, I’ll invite Bob out to meet us. He’s so charming that my friends all enjoy his company too, but he usually just wants to be with me! So we leave early and go home together. We didn’t always have sex, but we do now– every time. The next morning he usually has something to do (and early), so after telling me how great I am and how fun it was to hang out with me, he leaves. We usually won’t talk for a while (sometimes weeks!) but then he’ll pop up again, fun as ever, and the cycle repeats itself. He doesn’t like to make a big deal out of our friendship, even though it means a lot to me. Heck, we’re not even friends on Facebook!

 Now the question is: Does Bob really value me and our friendship, or does Bob just really value my silky hot pussy?””

Beautiful font choice… But not as beautiful as his choice of forward writer.


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