Drugs, Apple, Death and Potato Chips

24 Jul

In some order. I’m not sure. He sent this much earlier but I’ve been packing and sometimes drinking. Here are his thoughts on Amy Winehouse:

“Life is weird. I found out about Amy Winehouse dying in the Apple Store when the guy doing the tutorial was showing how cool Safari was or something and “Amy Winehouse Found Dead” was the headline story on their CNN homepage. Fucking liberals. I thought about joining the 27 Club and even had a meeting with Jesus about it high as fuck on mushrooms and he was all like “Look dude, you’re totally qualified, but you’re not done. Have you even fucked an Australian girl yet?” And I was all like “Good point Jesus!” and I floated back down to the living room where my friend was watching Requiem for a Dream so I punched him in his fucking face. Whatever– Amy was fucking dope (no pun, don’t be a dick) and her death is another reminder of the danger of drugs. Are drugs awesome? Hell yeah they’re awesome! They let you forget your fears and problems and focus on… um… I dunno… a chair maybe or a movie or some dumb conversation about how life really works for real guys for real I mean it I think we’re onto something? Anyway, drugs can be good, but only in moderation, like anything wonderful in life. I’d have died of a Munchos overdose in the 90’s if it was possible (I call them “the glasses years”) but alas, it was not. But you CAN die from yakkety-yak, that brown horse, and the all of the cream snowballs, purple footballs, and blue dream jet planes delivered to you by people who have no last names and who’s parents stopped talking to them years ago.  So be careful out there and don’t be strange to talkers. I mean talk to strangers.”

There’s almost too much to process there. I’m going home in an hour. Good luck out there everyone. 



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